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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dry your tears with love.

Well, after much thought, I finally have the complete list of things I'm going to be making for people this Christmas/Yule. It may kill me to get it all done, but I'll do my best.

Without further ado, the list:

For Rachel - A handbound journal with Griffin's family crest embroidered on the cover. The finally-finished Griffin plushie, too.
For Laura - A Souma Shigure figure made from clay, dressed in a yukata.
For Dawn - A periwinkle blue poncho (the Unnamed).
For Robert - Wool socks.
For Jander - A snake scarf.
For Sean - Baby booties. A baby blanket, too, if I have the time.
For Jenny - A black poncho, in the same style as Dawn's.
For Luke - I have no bloody clue yet.
For Mam - A Black Magic scarf just like mine.
For Dad - A knitted hat with "Baldy" written across it. (I hope I'm not getting too ambitious with this one.)

Likely, if I get hooked on making socks, everyone will get them as stocking stuffers, too, since socks are much more useful than scarves. Well, they are when people already have tons of scarves.

I started my mother's Black Magic scarf today, made from Lewiscraft's Gemini yarn, in black, 100% polyamide. I made one for myself before, and I love how soft it is when it's knitted up, and just knew she'd love one too. I figure I'll knit on that today, and restart The Unnamed tomorrow, when Laura and I are hanging out and doing The Crafty Thing.

I do wish I had the money to buy subscriptions to all these knitting magazines that I hear people talking about, or to buy some of the fancy patterns. All I can really get is the stuff I find online, and while there are some good things out there, I feel rather lacking in the idea department. Besides, I want to be a knitting snob for just a little while. *chuckles* Talk about so-and-so's pattern from such-and-such magazine . . . It might be fun.

I can at least get some good patterns cheaply from work, and I know there's a huge section of patterns at the library, which I plan to get my hands on as soon as I gather enough dimes to photocopy them. (The patterns are stored in the reference section, which means that they can't leave the library, which means that unless I want to sit and copy them all out by hand, I'd need to photocopy them.)

Black Magic is calling me . . . I think it wants to progress.


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