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Friday, September 30, 2005

I did it!

Black Magic has been finished. Huzzah! One present down, . . . more to go. I don't know how many presents I have to make, but meh, either way it'll be fun.

So now I have Sean's baby blanket to do. I figure since it's annoying to have to hook the printer up to Rachel's laptop in order to print out the pattern, I'll just write it out by hand. Might take longer, but it'll be less annoyance for me, and that'll make me less resentful of having to knit it.

I don't get resentful very often. Just in my really bad days.

I sent the Lucy pen off to Wendy yesterday, so she should get it in the next few weeks. Woot! Makes me feel happy. I love to give people things, preferably little surprise things that are just neat to have. Practical gifts are all well and good, but who wants them when you can have apen shaped like your cat instead? :p

Well, I suppose I should go put pen to paper and start copying that pattern. The sooner I start on it (yes yes, we all know what line's coming next, don't we?) the sooner it gets done, and the sooner I can move on to the next project!


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