Knit by Night

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I ought to learn to just stop speaking.

Every time I say something along the lines of "all things permitting", something comes along to screw it up.

This time, it was the dog. Deciding to walk across the area I was knitting, getting his feet all tangled in the yarn, and pulling out stitches in such a way that I had no idea how to fix them. And since I'm lousy at ripping out just a row or two and picking it all up again . . . Yeah, back to the beginning.

I'm no longer going to knit downstairs. It's not worth it. It just isn't. This isn't the first time the dog's decided my knitting would be a great thing to walk across, either. I don't blame him for it. I know he's not going, "Ooh, look at what I can ruin!" He's just being a dog. Unfortunately, that means that my knitting gets screwed up, and I'm rather tired of that.

I'm have a short temper these days. I'm tired and sore a lot, and my doctor decided to take me off my antidepressants, which means that the smallest thing can make me have to fight back tears. And my knitting being ruined isn't exactly a small thing in my book.

Back to the beginning, I guess. I'll be able to get caught up again quickly enough, which makes this marginally easier to deal with.


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