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Friday, September 30, 2005

I'm bad at thinking of post titles.

I have the overwhelming urge to knit a sweater. The problem is that I don't have nearly enough yarn to knit a sweater. Nowhere close.

Well, I have quite a few balls of Bernat's Berella yarn that I originally had plans to make into a load of simple squares for a blanket, but those are all in different colours, some variegated. If I put them all together, it'd look hideous. Purples and greys and reds and funny-looking blues . . . Not nice colour combos when you have to throw them all together.

Besides, I was looking for something a little thinner than worsted weight.

Also, I've never made a sweater before. I think it'd be good practice for me, a good exercise. Aside from the lack of yarn, though, I have too many projects to make before Christmas that starting on something as big as a sweater probably wouldn't be the best idea. Maybe next year. (I keep saying that to every non-essential project idea that crosses my mind . . .)

Turns out I'll have to stop by work today to pick up a new pair of knitting needles for Sean's Blanket. The pattern calls for 5mm needles. I have 4mm, and 6mm. Figures. I can either cut my losses and make it too loose or too tight, but I really don't want to. I have a spare $6 in my bank account. That'll buy me the needles I need. I'm just afriad of going and being roped into working tonight, though. Co-worker Laura may still be sick, so her shift may fall to me. I suppose whether I go in to buy needles and they ask me, or whether I stay home and they call me on the phone to ask me, the end result would be me going in, since I already said I would f need be, but . . . I'd feel more pressured somehow if they asked me face-to-face.

My mind works in strange ways.

Either way, I'll need to go out tonight to get money for next month's bus pass, and the past two weeks of rent money, so I may as well just drop by to pick up the needles. At least then, if I don't have to work tonight, I can come home and start on the blanket. And if I do have to work, I'll know I have the needles to use when I get home. Either way, I win, right?


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