Knit by Night

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ooh, looky here!

Amazingly, there is a craft show that's near enough for me to get to! The Canadian Needlearts and Sewing Show, located in Moncton. It took place this year in July, so needless to say, I've missed it this time. Next year, however . . . I'd like to go back to Moncton for a vacation, and this would give me a perfect excuse, as well as a good way to meet other crafters, buy supplies, and take a class or two.

Next summer can't come around quick enough!

I need to stop procrastinating and get back to knitting on The Unnamed. It's sitting alone in my bag right now, crying out piteously for someone to help it. Unfortunately, I have to head out for an hour or so, so its cries must remain unheeded . . . Which makes me feel bad. I name a piece of work, and suddenly it develops a personality. When will I learn?

I will knit tonight. I promise myself that.


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