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Monday, September 26, 2005

Snips and snails.

Another few inches got added to Black Magic last night, making now somewhere btween 1/4 and 1/3 done. Give me a few more peaceful nights of TV-watching, and it should all be done. If I actually take time out of my normal day schedule, it should be done even quicker than that. (I don't know why I haven't been big on the knitting this week. I hope I haven't knit myself out.)

I'm torn between two patterns for Sean's baby blanket. One is a nice lacey design that I enjoy, though Rachel says laciness is a bad idea, since babies can get caught on it easily. I've no idea what she's talking about, since it's not like the holes are big enough to poke his head through or anything, and the way I see this, it's be more of a blanket for holding him in, rather than tucking him in at night. The other pattern, which I'm sure Rachel will approve of more, is a simple checkerboard pattern, knit and purl squares. Plain, but it might look nice in the pale colours of the variegated yarn I have.

As much as Rachel may object, though, I'm likely to do the pacey blanket. It's not, after all, her decision, and not her gift to give. She may be Sean's aunt, but that doesn't mean she knows what's best for him any better than I do, especially in the way of decorative baby blankets.

Either way, I'm likely going to need a second ball of the yarn I bought, to make it big enough. Not too much of a problem. It was only $5 or so. I'm sure I can find that money in my next paycheque.

The knitting group is tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it. No money for tea, though, which is unfortunate, but I'm sure I can get by without tea for a few hours. I think I'll be taking along The Unnamed. I've been a bit leery of it since I had to rip the whole thing out, and haven't really wanted to pick it up again. Maybe working on it in the presence of others will rekindle my interest. (It had damn well better!)

I now have a craving for dill pickle flavoured popcorn, so there's nothing for it but to go out and spend my last $2 on getting those things. It'll make me breath stink, but it'll make me tummy happy, so it balances out perfectly.


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