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Sunday, September 18, 2005

The start to a productive day.

I tend to really only knit a lot when my roommate's out of the house, and since she's working until 5 PM today, that gives me quite a few hours to work on The Unnamed Christmas Poncho. I tend to knit lately while watching old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, just to keep my ears and mind as occupied as my hands. It's a good way of passing the time, too, so that knitting doesn't become too mind-numbing.

I checked out today, and was drooling over their selection. Specifically, the laceweight yarn. I can't get any of that here. When I was to use something thin, I have to use crochet cotton. Granted, the stuff I have now comes in some very nice colours, but it's not the same as using other fibres.

Well, I say that I can't get it. I know I can't get it at any of the usual places I look. But there's a new yarn stall that opened up in City Market, and I think they sell handspun yarns, so there's always a chance they'll have what I'm looking for. Even if they don't, it will at least give me some variety in my stash. Since I don't think they sell branch name stuff, they already have a load of things I haven't seen before.

At least, I hope they don't sell much brand name stuff. I really really hope. It'd be nice to be able to support a local place-of-craft that takes the handmade approach to things.

I'll be going to City Market on Monday, so I'll see what they have. Hopefully something nice, yet afforadable.

Well, I suppose I should go pop in another disc of Buffy, make myself a nice cup of tea, and get back to working on TheUnnamed. My only regret with this poncho is that I won't be able to block it, since it's made of synthetic fibres. Boo. Yet another reason I want that stall to be a handspun place. It'd be incredibly likely that they're using natural fibres, and therefore I can learn more about blocking. Cotton's all well and good, but . . . meh, I'm tired of being so limited.

Yes. Knitting now.


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