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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

That one thing is me.

Knitting group didn't last as long as I'd hoped for (only 1.5 hours), but Laura had to go home and get something to eat, so it was understandable why it didn't last longer. Still, I got a few pattern repeats of The Unnamed in, which rekindled my interest some. It's going to be much easier to finish now that I've picked it up again.

Tonight is likely to involve more X-Files episodes (after House, MD, of course), so I'll probably manage to finish off Black Magic then. Huzzah! Finished projects are good, because that means I can start on new ones. *grins*

Until Rachel comes home from work, though, and we can begin our TV-spree, I think I'll do a bit of cleaning, and make myself something to eat. I'm thinking that tuna sandwiches sound good right about now. Seems like a good "autumn day" kind of food.


Blogger Agnes said...

It's true, once you put the project down for more than, say, 2 days, it would require much much more effort to pick it up again. But once you take it up, it would go fast. The same with my latest afghan. So, keep it up.
Thanks for visiting my blog ... glad to know a new friend. ;)

5:32 PM  

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