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Monday, September 19, 2005

Time well spent.

Yesterday wasn't quite as productive as I wanted it to be. In fact, it wasn't very productive at all. Tonight, however, was much better. I'm half done the first panel of The Unnamed, and will, all things permitting, be able to start on the second panel some time tomorrow.

I hope. Again, all things permitting. Which they don't often do.

I picked up a decent pattern for socks today, too. I plan to get one of those insanely large balls of yarn from Red Heart, the ones that cost $6 for enough yarn to fill a grocery bag, and get a start on making socks for people. Good stocking stuffers, I think. Also, I need some new socks of my own, so this will serve numerous purposes.

I found some wonderful yarn today that would be perfect for my first big shawl project. Right thickness, nice colours. Unfortunately, the damn stuff was acrylic, and so couldn't be blocked, which would leave the shawl with an annoying unfinished quality that I'm not really looking for in my work. Until I find better yarn in natural fibres and lighter weights, cheap crochet cotton will just have to do. At least it's cheap, after all, and I did manage to find some in nice colours. Hopefully the shawl won't turn out too badly.

But that project won't come til after the holidays. I have too much to do, too much to make, between now and then.


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