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Monday, October 24, 2005

All of my memories keep you here.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quick Jander's snake scarf was knitted. One afternoon, and it was complete. O_O I sat and goggled at it for a little while, wondering how I managed to finish so quickly. Does this house have knitting gnomes?

Granted, the scarf is pretty short by my own personal standards (it only has to go around the neck of a 5-year-old), but it still seems like it should have taken longer to make. And it was so simple that I now have the pattern memorized, just from making it once.

When I'm rich, I'll buy a whole load of Shetland Chunky in Sage Green, and knit a bunch of them for next year's Empty Stocking Fund. I mean, if I can knit a single one in an afternoon, then I week of making them will net me about 10. That'll be 10 kids who'll have a cool snake-shaped scarf ready to keep them warm during the bitter Atlantic Canadian winter. And that's only assuming I do 10 of them. I can make 1 with less than a single skein of yarn. 10 skeins probably equal about 13 scarves.

Plus it has googly eyes and a felt tongue. I mean, how cool is that?

Today has been spent, surprisingly, not knitting. Most of it was spent curled up in bed with a good book, which was quite relaxing, though my needles stared at me mournfully, wondering why I'd suddenly abandonned them. Fear not, little needles. I'll pick you up again tomorrow. Lord knows I'll need some stress relief after visiting the Rat-Keeper Who Shall Not Be Named. Doing something productive and still fun will keep me sane once I get home from that visit.

Of course, assuming Rach and I stick another DVD in the player tonight, I'll be picking up the needles sooner than that. I find it really hard to watch TV or movies now without having something for my hands to do at the same time.

Is this the sign of a potentially long-term knitter? I sure as heck hope so!


Blogger Agnes said...

I too had to finish a mystery story this morning before I took up Old Tile again! Haven't read a whole book within such a short time (5 days) for a long time! ;)

12:12 AM  

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