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Saturday, October 22, 2005


My computer's power-supply is shot, so expect much less posting here (or anywhere, for that matter) until it's fixed. Which could conceivably not be until I get an entirely new computer. I can at least post using the other computer in the house, but sitting here for too long hurts my neck and back, so I doubt I'll be as eager to run to it whenever I have something to say.

Duckie's scarf is coming along quite nicely.I'll work on it more today, possibly while hiding from the over-energetic 4-year-old that's spending the night. Kids wig me out, and I can only handle them in very small doses.

Rachel was kind enough to purchase the yarn and the knitting needles I'd need to make said 4-year-old's snake scarf, too. Paton's Shetland Chunky, in sgae green, and aluminum knitting needles by Boye, which are purplse, and promote much love in me. I hate those plastic knitting needles. It bugs me to no end when they bend so easily. So nice happy metal ones (I toyed with the idea of wooden ones, but passed them up for now, namely in favour of price) are perfect for me.

When I mentioned that the pattern for the scarf ideally included googly eyes and a red felt tongue, she grabbed that stuff for me, too. Woot! I'll be paying her back eventually. Like, when I get a new job. But the fact that she was kind enough to get these things for me now speaks volumes.

Now, from my Christmas crafty list, I'm only missing a set of dpns, dark brown yarn, white yarn, and some Fimo clay in flesh colour and dark brown. That's it. Which, all things considered, isn't too bad, really. It won't take me long to make all the things that need to be made. The hardest thing will be the socks, since I've never made them before and I've heard they can be kinda tricky at first, but hey, that's what practice is for, right? I can probably convince Rach to spring for the set of dpns that I'll need, too (since if I have them, it means I can make socks for her, too. :p)


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