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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Duckie's scarf is complete! Not that it took me long to do. It was a simple enough pattern. It can go twice around my neck and still have enough to tie in the front, so I hope that'll be long enough for her.

Now, on to Jander's snake scarf. I'm putting aside the ponchos for the time being, since thr snake scarf will be a quick knit, and I want it done before anything else distracts me. (Besides, I desperately want to use those new knitting needles!) After that, it'll be back to the ponchos, and those ought to come along pretty quickly too.

Then the socks, and the hat . . . Oh, and let's not forget the baby blanket. That ought to keep me busy for a while.

I don't know what I'll do once I'm done all my gift-knitting. Well, I know I have Rachel's book to make, and I need some Fimo to make Laura's Shigure, but they won't take long to do. The book'll take longer than shaping clay stuff, I'll bet, especially if I can embroider the cover that I want.

I now have a few project ideas sitting on the back burner, waiting until after the holiday season. Rachel gifts me with scraps from her sewing projects, and so I recently acquired a nice length of soft black material. Not very long, but long enough that, once the sides are evened up, it'll make a nice evening scarf type thing. I was thinking of embroidering a flower motif on it, in bright jewel colours, which I think would look striking on such a black background. (I ought to get more of the material and make some evening gloves to go with it. :p)

Then there's the Leda's Dream stole I want to attempt, though that'll have to wait until a new job brings me enough money to order the yarns.

I have that cotton sitting in my room that'll be turned into a nice shawl, as soon as I decide on a pattern.

Maybe I'll try the Branching Out pattern again, too, once I have the time. It'd be nice to get some pretty softly variegated green yarn for that, to play on the leaf motif. (Hey, that rhymes!)

But there's plenty of time to decide on new projects once my current ones are done. For now, I'll ride my current lung infection (damned weak lungs!) out with knitting a huge green snake for my best friend's nephew, and then return to the evil ponchos of doom. :p


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