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Saturday, October 15, 2005

The good and the bad.

First, the bad. Lewiscraft fired me yesterday. They gave me no reason, and were within their rights to give me no reason, seeing as how I was still within my 3-month probationary period. However, this annoys me, because they therefore gave me no chance to understand what I was doing wrong, and possibly explain myself. So I find myself out of a job again.

I'm making myself see this as a possible blessing in disguise. I mean, what if a better job, like the ones I've been applying for over the past few weeks (Lewiscraft was great, but they offered lousy hours) calls me on Monday and says, "You're hired. Can you start immediately?" I can say yes, instead of having to faff around with giving 2 weeks notice. I might, if I'm lucky, get that job at Sendant, doing the night shift, which will mean more pay for less work, and ample time to knit while the calls aren't coming in.

I think it's funny how, if I get that job, I'll be doing more knitting than when I worked at the store where being able to knit was a requirement.

On a better note, I made good progress of The Unnamed today. Another day or two of absolute boredom like this one, and it should be finished. Then I can move on to its black twin, which will be given to Rachel's brother's wife for Christmas. (Hopefully Jenny and Rachel's mother won't notice that their gifts are identical except for the colour. :p)

Finished At Knit's End, and thought it was a great read. Quick, but I doubt it was meant to be time-consuming. I find it great to note just how many 'symptoms' of an obsessive knitter that I fit. The only thing preventing me from having the Insane Yarn Stash of Doom, however, is money, though that will most certainly change once I get a beter job that pays me more. Hell, shopping spree! XD I especially want some laceweight yarn. Any colour will do, so long as the fibres are natural.

I hope that Michael's sells laceweight yarn. From what I hear, I doubt it, but I won't give up hope until I browse their yarn section. Which I'll probably do on Monday, just for kicks. (I'll also drop a resume off to them, on the offchance that they're hiring.)

Now, I think I've successfully de-virused my computer, so I'm going back to knitting on The Unnamed again, and watch yet more X-Files episodes with Rachel.


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