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Monday, October 31, 2005

Good Samhain!

Yeah yeah yeah, my paganism shines bright and strong. :p Didn't get any muffins made today., though, because I'm both tired and lazy, and didn't feel like having half the day spent in the kitchen when I could be resting instead.

I do, however, have my costume finished, such as it is. It didn't require anything to actually be made, either. I carved some dead sticks into wooden stakes, found my trenchcoat, and put on some black clothes. A vampire hunter is me! *chuckles*

Yeah . . . this was done all at the last minute. Can ya tell?

On a knitting note, The Unnamed is almost done, and so is the bathroom shawl. The unfortunate thing is now Rachel and I have gone through all 5 seasons of X-Files that she has, so I have no idea what we'll watch at night now while we craft. I'm sure we'll find something, of course, and it's not like we can only knit or sew or embroider while watching TV anyway. It'll just be strange not to tune in to the wacky adventures of Mulder and Scully for a while.

Michaels was completely out of dpns when I went the other day, too. Not just the size that I needed, but all sizes! Well, that's a bit of a lie. They had a few sets of size 8 and size 10 bamboo dpns, but they weren't the sizes I needed, and even if they were, I didn't have the $12 to pay for them! Not at that price! I'll check back in a few days, see if they got any others in. If not, I may just have to go to Zellers or WalMart or some other such place.

And on that note, I will leave you all to your ghosts, ghouls, and dearly departed! May you all have a joyous night!


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