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Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Canadian Turkey Day!

Go out and hug your Canadian turkeys. :p Let them feel love.

A few more blanket squares knit, a few more rows on Fanned Feathers, and that's it. Yeah, for the past few days, even! I am such a lazy ass! I don't know why, but I've felt totally disinterested in picking up any of my knitting. Well, that's a bit of a lie. I have felt interested. It's just that whenever I look at any of my PiPs, my arms start to ache with the very thought of lifting the needles.

I have, however, on a whim, discovered something about knitting the veils with a strange of DMC embroidery floss. I can't do it. At least, not with the needles that I have. I'd need something much finer, and with a much better point, or there's no way in hell I can get it done.

However, if I get said needles, it'll also be a way forme to use up random handed-down spools of sewing thread that my mother gave me. I can guarantee you that I'll never be sewinganything that will require lime green thread, for example.

I'm participating in a Scarf Swap on Craftster, which I can feel rekindling my urge to knit already. Hopefully my assigned partner won't want something too complex, since I have a shortage of money, and not the greatest variety in my stash. Though I figure if I have to sacrifice a ball of Berella from my blanket plans now, to actually provide a decent scarf, I can always buy another later. They're $2.50, after all, and if I get a new job soon, that money'll be nothing!

I did come across some rather nicely coloured acrylic yarn at work last night that's on for less than $3, but, well, it all depends on what my partner will want. If they want something that needs blocking, for example, that idea's out.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

I vow today to at least get some more of The Unnamed done. Poor thing's been sitting on my desk for a week now, looking all floppy and untouched. And since I don't have to work again until this Friday (sad pathetic work hours, I know), I'll have plenty of time this week to get something done.


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