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Sunday, October 02, 2005

I cast on the stitches for Sean's baby blanket last night (I really need a better name for it than that*), and I suddenly began to understand why people like circular needles better than straight ones sometimes. I can fit 143 stitches on 35-inch straights, but it's all bunched up at the bottom, and if the needles got much longer, they'd be all unwieldly. Yeah, next time I try this, I'll try and pick up some circulars that have a better length that those straights. See what everyone's raving about.

Still, it ought to look quite pretty, with the soft variegated baby colours. I'll probably work on some of it today, while Rachel's at work. At the very least, I'll likely be able to get done the 1.25 inches of garter stitches at the border, and then I'll be able to move onto the actual pattern stitches. Which, of course, if what I'm looking forward to the most!

* On the offchance that someone actually reads this blog, I'm giving you a chance to name Sean's blanket. Since I don't have a camera, unfortunately, I'll just have to link to the yarn and the pattern I'm using, and hope that someone with a better mind than my own can put the two together to imagine how it may look. This is the pattern I'm using, with this yarn.

Sadly, I don't have any prizes or anything for this contest. Except maybe some eternal affection. Everyone loves that, right?

And now, I'm going to go make myself a Caesar salad, grab my knitting needles, and get back to work.


Blogger Agnes said...

Mmm ... let's just simply call it Fanned Feather Baby Blanket, what do you think?
Prizes are bribes to lure people to leave comment ... eternal affection is cool ... I like that, thanks! :)
I saw that you had spammers earlier ... go to the setting comment section and turn on the word verification, that helps.
Wish you a wonderful week ahead.

11:15 PM  

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