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Thursday, October 13, 2005


So, I was an impatient bad person yesterday, and gave my mother her Christmas present extremely early. She loved it, though. She thinks the scarf is incredibly soft (she's right), and her only concern was whether or not it sheds (it doesn't). So overall, she's incredibly pleased.

I told her I'd have to make something new for her proper Christmas present now.

My hair has now been cut to a much more manageable length. I found myself wondering how well human hair can be spun. I didn't ask them to save it so I could try, though. I can just imagine how weird that would have made me look. *laughs*

I've started on my third ball of Berella for the patchwork blanket. After laying out some squares on the bed the other day, I discovered I'm going to need much more than the 6 balls total I have for it. Not too big a problem, since 100g balls are only $2.50 at work, and that's before my 30% discount kicks in. I'll pick up a few more balls with the weight-loss money I'll be getting next month.

Also still going to need to pick up another ball of Red Heart Soft Baby, in Bunny Print, for the baby blanket. One ball really isn't going to cut it.

Need to make more progress on The Unnamed. I'd lost track of how many repeats I'd done, and where I was in the next one, so I was almost tempted to rip it out and make a third restart. However, a quick look at it told me that I'd just reached the end of the third repeat, so I can just pick it up from there with no difficulty at all. Time for more episodes of Buffy, I guess, while I knit on that.

I'm quite happy, though that Wendy's Lucy pen arrived so promptly. Always makes me happy to give people gifts and know that they enjoy them. Huzzah!

I also can't want for the Scarf Swap on Craftster starts. I'm greatly looking forward to making and then receiving a scarf from someone. See, more love of giving stuff to people. *grins*


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