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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Messed up night.

I must admit, sometimes I'm impressed by the ways that I can mess up a pattern. I managed to get halfway through the first panel of Black Twin before realising that somehow I screwed it , and the pattern was now seriously wonky. I tried tinking it back, but that proved far too difficult for me at that point (unknitting isn't a strong point with me, I guess), and so . . . *sigh* Yup, back to the beginning I go.

I think it's fate that I'll get halfway through a panel of these ponchos, and then mess up. Next time, I'm going to use a frigging lifeline every 5 repeats, to prevent this.

Either way, I cast on again, and knit 3 repeats before looking at the back to discover this huge frigging loop that wasn't supposed to be there, and I have no idea how it got there. It looked like a dropped stitch that was desperately trying to get away from the project, but since I still had the right number of stitches on the needle, I have no idea how this happened at all.

Given that it was 3 in the morning by this point, I frogged it again, and called it quits for the night. Dealing with it in daylight after a night of sleep will likely make it easier. Or something,

Yeah, I'm thinking that a lifeline may be the best idea at this rate, for preventing those halfway screwups that seem to keep happening. First the dog walking over The Unnamed, then my attention slipping and messing up the pattern on Black Twin. It's a sign from the knitting deities of the world, I think, teaching me how important those little extra pieces of yarn can be when slipped through stitches for a purpose.

Good lesson to learn, better sooner than later. (Shame I didn't learn it sooner than sooner, though.)

Well, it's not as thought this will take long to get to the position it was in when I messed up, thankfully. Give it a night, and I'll be rolling again. Once this simple pattern gets stuck in my head, it just won't leave. I am, in fact, tempted to see how it looks with that Paton's Decor that I have set aside for Duckie's scarf, and see if I can't do the same kind of pattern for that. Might look pretty nifty.

Only one way to find out, I guess!


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