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Saturday, October 29, 2005

A new day.

Last night, on the way to the NaNo party, I brought along my yarn and knitting needles and made a start on the bathroom shawl. (I wasn't the only knitting writer there, but I was the only knitting writer with knitting.) I call it the bathroom shawl because in the winter, it especially sucks to have my stomach play up. I mean, it sucks a lot in the summer, too, but in the winter, I'll be sitting on the can, waiting for the crippling gut pain to end (feel free to skip past all this if it's a TMI moment), and will have forgotten to turn the heat on to make the room just a smidge warmer than an icebox. Even if I do remember to turn the heat on, it won't warm up immediately. And when my stomach hurts that badly, I find that warmth greatly helps keep the pain at a bearable level.

So, the bathroom shawl. Just that little bit of added heat and weight that I'll need to keep from freezing while I'm in there this winter.

Of course, it doesn't just have to be worn in the bathroom. That's just where I'm most likely to wear it, and the reason it was made.

Yeah, it seems I can't go a week without finding some new project to do. :p

I also have my first request. Well, my first non-swap request, anyway. At the kick-off party, I met Elsa, who heard that I knit, and wondered if I could make little covers for the feet of her kitchen chairs, so that they don't scrape against the hardwood floors when the chairs move. The way she asked it made it sound as though she doubted that such a thing was possible. I can think of ways it can be done. I mean, little squares, with a drawstring at the top so they can be tied to the chair. Or glued on to the bottom of the chair leg, even, if they happen to keep falling off. No problem at all.

I don't think she thought I was serious when I said I'd get them to her at the next meet-up. :p She did offer to pay me for them, though. I refused. I mean, for the effort involved, and the fact that I can bang those things together from spare yarn that won't be used for anything else, payment isn't worth it. The look on her face when I hand her something she wasn't sure could be made, however, will be priceless!

And now, back to the tedious process of alphabetizing all of the knitblogs I've got linked to here. It helps that a lot of them begin with the letter K. *chuckles* (Of course, Yarn Harlot has the dubious honour of being dead last on the list. :p)


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