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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Of knitting and cooking. Possibly baking my yarn.

The final panel of The Unnamed is coming along, albeit slowly, because I've been exceptionally short-attention spanned this past week. Still, I'm fitting in rows where I can, and little by little, it's coming along.

I can tell ya, though, using that spare piece of yarn as a lifeline has worked wonders. I now am no longer afraid of getting halfway and finding out that I screwed up in ways I can't even begin to fathom, and thus have to rip it all the way back.

I have no idea what to do with the leftover skein of sage green Shetland Chunky. I keep thinking slippers, but can't be bothered to find a print out a pattern for them. (Again, that short attention span comes into play.) Then I think about a new scarf, but I already have one. Then I think about a new scarf for somebody else, but I can't find a pattern that won't drive me crazy or drive me to new depths of boredom.

In short, this week has been a bad knitting week. Boo. I dislike bad knitting weeks.

On the plus side, my lung infection is clearing up, I have a year's membership at a gym (courtesy of my parents), and got a card in the mail from my gran. These things are good things. I need more things like this. :p

Tonight will be a toss-up between making another two batches of cookies with Rachel (mint-chocolate pinwheels again), and watching X-Files. Likely, we'll find a way to fit both in, since the cookies need to be made (the dough has been chilling since last night), and Rach still needs to get a move on with her cloak. It's almost Hallowe'en, and it isn't done yet. I have no doubts that she'll finish it on time. I just wonder what condition her sanity will be in afterwards.

I remember, the other day, while walking through Michael's, I found out that they cater to the school of thought that lists cookies and an art/craft form. This makes me happy. Lewiscraft didn't do that. It made me get into an even bigger cooking mood, however, and made me decide upon two things. 1) I will gather together the ingredients to make pumpkin muffins, even if I end up making them after Hallowe'en has passed. 2) I'm going to make a corned beef pie for supper some night, just like my mother used to make. Seems simple enough. Dough. Can of corned beef, mixed with mashed potatoes. Bake until it doesn't suck. How hard can that be?

Now that I've said that, the Fates are going to show me, aren't they?


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