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Friday, October 21, 2005

Siiiiiiiiick. ;_;

Of course, the only reason I'm sick is because I spent most of yesterday with Laura. I don't know why, but her apartment always sets off my asthma and allergies, so by the end, I'm having trouble breathing, my eyes are so swollen that it's hard to open them, and my nose is runny. And of course, because my body's dumb, it always takes me at least a day to fully recover. Stupid body.

The upside, though (aside from spending time with friends, that is), is that I made a good start on Duckie's scarf. No idea what to name it yet, though, but it looks pretty nifty, and I'll probably only need the 1 balls of Decor instead of 2. Which is good, since I only have the one ball. :p The scarf has an odd diagonal slant to it that I can't fix, and really, I think it looks almost better slanted than having the lines run perfectly straight. Gives it a bit of a personality.

Griffin has suggested that she may possibly buy me the yarn I'll need for Jander's snake scarf, too, which will be nice. I'll see if I can convince her to buy me some cheapy yarn for my dad's Baldy hat, too. I've never knit a hat before, but heck, it seems simple, and there's a first time for everything. The fun part will be getting it to say "BALDY". XD


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