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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Today, I went to check out the new Michaels for the first time. I was less than impressed. Aside from not being approached by any employee that I saw (be they busy or otherwise), their selections of things are only marginally more diverse than what Lewiscraft had. And that's saying something, given that the store is, like, 10 times larger than Lewiscraft. They had more stuff in some areas, less in others, and some stuff seemed pretty poor quality.

I finally set my eyes on ribbon yarn, however. It seems like nothing special, but I can imagine a few things it could be used for. I also found some stuff that was amazingly soft, part mohair, part acrylic, part nylon, and I wanted some, but it was a bit out of my price range, really. (Not that that says much at the moment. :p)

They had a neat little kit that came with all sizes of small (lengthwise) knitting needles, where you added the wire on yourself to form whatever size circular you need. Pretty handy, I must admit, though I'm not sure yet is $99.99 is a good price for that or not. They also had a knitting machine for something over $200, which was interesting, but not at all tempting. Getting projects out quickly is nowhere near as fun and sitting down and doing them by hand.

I checked out the local thrift stores on a whim, to see if they had any good yarn around. They did, but it was already in clothing form. :p This made me realise that I need to get better at cutting seams and unravelling finished projects. Thrift stores have a wealth of old cardigans and sweaters in less-than-appealing styles, just waiting to be ripped back to nothing and made into something shiny and new. I lusted after no less than three different items today because of what I could make out of the materials. *chuckles*

Well, in the meantime, I have done another quarter of another half of Black Twin, and I ought to get back to it. No doubt more of it will be done tonight while watching yet more X-Files episodes (what we'll do when we run out of DVDs to watch, I just do not know), but there's no harm in working more on it now, either. So I'll do that while drinking Aruba Jam Sprite (arguably the best Sprite flavour ever invented) and eating Smarties.

(Final note to self - Get your act together and make one of those cheap drop spindles from old CDs, and try to spin the dog's fur into something useful. You have about an ounce of it sitting in a bag doing nothing, so you may as well do, y'know, something!)

[Edit] - I believe I've just found the perfect pattern that I want to use for Duckie's scarf, in the Scarf Swap. It may take one more ball of the yarn I have set aside for it, but I think I can get that pretty cheaply, so that's no big deal. And it ought to look nice once it's done.


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