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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The true question is . . .

. . . how much of a knitting geek does one have to be before they start dreaming about cleaning out their room and finding tons of skeins of yarn buried away in a box?

Becuase that is primarily what last night's dream was. I was looking for an old collection of My Little Pony figures (which I never had when I was young, but love now), and when I found them, they were thrown in a huge Rubbermaid tote bin, mixed amongst balls and balls of yarn. Some cheap stuff, some good stuff, but all stuff I could use. This made me impossibly happy. I found both my Ponies and yarn I thought I didn't have.

What better way to spend a dream?

I've been lazy and haven't been doing too much serious knitting lately. Too sick, methinks.(I'm pretty sure I've got that bad cold that's hitting everyone in the city again.) I have, however, been taking little snippets of time while watching Rachel play video games to try knitting with DMC embroidery floss. Thin needles are used, obviously (I think I'm using size 2s), and they're just going to result in minor bookmarks or something (since I don't have enough of any one colour to be really impressive and knit a whole scarf from it, or something), but I realy like the feel of it when it's knit up. It feels a little bit like a type of ribbon, and has a lot of stretch to it. I'm currently using something cheap I got from a sale, in variegated greens, and I've managed to get it to stay even enough to have two rows of each colour, which is coming on pretty nicely.

I think, if I can find the money, to keep experimenting with this. Knitted floss bookmarks may become my next 'quickie' project. (An avid reader can never have too many bookmarks, after all.)

Today, though, I'll likely finish up this legnth of floss, and then get back to working on Fanned Feathers (I was hoping to find a name that wasn't just the name of the pattern, but Agnes is right. That does seem to be the easiest thing to refer to it by). Time is ticking by, and I don't want to be caught with unfinished projects at the end, just because I was undedicated. Baby Sean will need his blanket in the coming cold months. And Dawn and Jenny will need their ponchos. (And my dad will need his Baldy hat, but I haven't started on that one yet.)


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