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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Change in plans.

Given the shortness of time between now and Gift-Giving Day, combined with the shortness of my attention span, I decided to make Sean's blanket a nice simple basketweave pattern, instead of the lacy one I had in mind. Oh, Fanned Feathers will be done eventually, but not right now. I just don't have the patience, I think, to deal with something that requires so much of my attention. Since starting to go to the gym, I've been sleeping more, and finding it harder to concentrate on the little things. Something as simple as k4p4 suits me just fine right about now.

On the plus side, this also means the thing'll actually get done for Christmas! Huzzah!

I'm beginning to give the intended wool socks up as a lost cause, since I can never find the right size needles, and, being unemployed, I don't have the money to buy them anyway. Maybe next year. *sigh* I was so hoping to be able to make them for Robert this year.

Well, I suppose if I get a job soon, I might still be able to, after all. The dpns are only going to be about $5, then intended wool about $10-12. $20'll buy the whole lot, and I'm sure I can spare that out of a paycheque, really. Y'know, after I bring my bills down a little.

Why do the mundanities of the world always seem to get in the way of fantasy knitting? *laughs*

I think I'm going to skip the gym today in favour of rest. I didn't get much sleep last night, and I know that if I don't nap at some point today, I'll be asleep by 8 this evening . . . and that'd mean I miss House. Can't have that! Besides, I still am going back tomorrow for another half hour at least. I say at least, because if I manage to bring a CD player with me (if I can find Rachel's), it'll make the time go by quicker, and I'll be able to be entertained there longer. A distraction from the weakness in my legs, really.

So, given that it's not even 10 AM yet, I think this calls for some relaxing knitting of the basketweave. Yes, yes it does.


Blogger Agnes said...

So you've been keeping up with the gym ... I see, I think I have to pick up my ass and work out too! LOL!

12:29 PM  

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