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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Now, why couldn't I have found this pattern before I finished (or better yet, started) The Unnamed? I made the Unnamed for a woman named Dawn, whose favourite colour is purple. This would have been absolutely perfect for her!

Oh well. There's always next year, after all, when I can get my hands on some yarn that's actually more purple and not periwinkle blue.

Change in plans, yet again, for Jenny's gift. Since Duckie was kind enough to include the instructions for doing cell stitch, I think a nice wrap, in the black King Cole Soft as Silk would look lovely, and wouldn't take too long to complete. I'll probably start it next week, and take it to my neurologist appointment to sit and work on while I wait.

Must get off my butt and knit more of the basketweave blanket. November's half over already! Time really is running out! I'm starting to get disturbingly frantic about it!

I'm going to have to cut my losses this year, when it comes to Christmas gifts, I think. I won't have time to make socks for Robert. I'll be lucky if I have the time to finish the blanket and the wrap, and make the long scarf for Luke that he's expressed interest in. I'll feel bad, not being able to give Robert anything . . . Guess I'll just have to give him lots of socks when next Christmas rolls around.

In non-knitting news, I'm looking forward to Yule Baking Day, as proposed by Laura, in which we get together on a day close to Yule, and bake nummy treats to eat. We're going to try our hand at making a log cake, too, which ought to be fun. Since we have no way to burn an actual Yule log, having a log cake with candles on top is as close a substitute as we can get. Edible, too! (I'd like to take a moment to toot my own horn here and say that while this idea probably isn't entirely original, I was the one to propose it to my friends last year. Mwaha.)

I'm starting to think that a cooking journal might be in order for me . . .


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