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Sunday, November 13, 2005

I got a bit further with both the basketweave blanket and the bathroom shawl yesterday. With the bathroom shawl, I finished the two triangles, and put them together, and noticed that I've gotten a fair bit better at seaming, which is a good thing. Proof that practice does indeed make perfect.

I also discovered yesterday that I have a decently-sized stash of beads, squirrelled away in various places. I came to the brilliant conclusion (and the word 'brilliant' should be read with minor sarcasm) that I could turn these beads into something useful. Say, sets of stitch-markers that I've been needing. Beats the heck out of going out and spending money when I don't have to, gives me something new to do with my hands, and gives those beads a use. And it's nice to have something so personalized and useful that I know I made.

Also works perfectly for these Random Acts of Kindness packages that I hear everyone talk about. *grins* Though I don't have the addresses of many knitbloggers, I can at least send something to those whose addresses I do have. Mayhaps as Christmas gifts, even!

In other news, I am sick. Blech. I'm pretty sure I caught this from Rachel. Thankfully, though, I'm really only a bit more stuffed up than normal, with a rather sore throat. Plenty of tea with honey, and Halls, will sort that out. This level of sickness I can easily work through. It practically doesn't affect me. It's when things hit my lungs, or I get the flu and can't get out of bed for a week, that really bugs me. Still tired as all hell, though. Since starting the gym, I've been sleeping more at night, and I've already been sleeping more than a normal person ought to anyway.

Oh well. That's what my appointment with the neurologist is for, after all.

Right. Stitch-markers. On it.

(*looks askance at her mug of chai, wondering why it tastes so odd today* Oh damn, I forgot to add milk, that's why!)


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