Knit by Night

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Life's lessons, as taught by knitting.

Every day, every moment of my life, are like stitches in lace. There are holes in me; these are not flaws, but rather part of the pattern that makes up who I am. Only when the last stitch is made will I be able to see what my life has made me, look at the hand that knitted me into a whole piece. On that day, and not before, since the pattern is not complete until then.

I must remember that no matter how long it seems my life has gone on, it will go on longer. I am less than half finished, and can only guess at what I will become, what I will look like when all the stitches are bound off. Knit 1, purl 2, yarn over.

I must remember that no matter how long it takes to make me, I am unique. No one else will have a pattern just like mine.

I cannot be unravelled. I can only adapt my pattern to circumstance, incorporate the errors that are not really errors, and see how that changes my final design.

I may only be trimming on someone else's piece, but without me, that piece would be incomplete.

No matter what, I will be beautiful, for no one will ever say that lace is ugly.


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