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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Normal post . . . plus sewing!

I feel like I'm getting oddly popular. *grins* People are leaving more comments on my blog. *waves to all who have commented over the last few days*

The day in the house proved most successful. I think I've made it to the halfway point on the basketweave blanket, which makes me very very happy. Half down, half to go, and no doubt that'll come along in leaps and bounds over the next couple of weeks.

I also got back to sewing on the plushie that I was supposed to give Rachel for her birthday, but was lazy, and so have to give it to her for Yule. Over an hour and a half of half-watching TV and half-sewing, I got the arms sewn up and stuffed, and part of the body sewn. Just got to finish up the body and stuff that, then work on the head (sewing the eyes, the mouth, and figuring out a decent way to attach the hair). After that comes the fun of making clothing for the plushie, which I'm actually looking forward to. I suppose that plushie can be my test-figure for various knitting patterns, too. Make mini-versions of what I'd like to make properly, and give the mini version to the plushie. It can get a full wardrobe that way! *laughs*

Have to go out today (whether my foot's feeling better or not, really), so I'll knit until then, and probably do more sewing tonight. For some reason, I've been loathe to bring the baby blanket downstairs to knit on when we watch TV. It's not like it's cumbersome . . . Maybe I'm just afraid of the dog pulling out yet more stitches. :p Silly dog. So my sewing makes a nice evening project.


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