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Friday, November 04, 2005

Now that's pretty dang nifty. Michaels just called me back about teaching knitting classes. They have someone already, but they said that person doesn't exactly consider themselves to be a very advanced knitter, so the Event Coordinator said that if I might be interested in organizing an advanced knitting class, come in and talk to her, show some stuff that I've done, etc. Classes aren't hugely popular right now, but that's partially because Michaels is new, and most people don't know that they offer classes.

I don't know if I'd call myself a particularly advanced knitter, but I do know more than your basic basics, so that's a start. I figure that once I figure out how to knit socks properly, and maybe get a good start on that shawl I've been planning, I might be able to handle teaching a class. And really, that'll be in the new year anyway, at which point, popularity in classes may have picked up.

The really spiffy part is that the classes are $20 per person, and I get 90% of those fees. I don't have to buy supplies for everyone; that's the job of the participants themselves. I can just imagine it. For an hour's class, if only 1 person signs up, I get $18. If 5 people sign up, I'd get $90. Talk about a good way to earn some extra cash!

Less good is the restriction that everything on the supply list has to be something that people can buy at Michael's. I can understand that from a business sense, but I know plenty of people whose blogs I read that offer some damn good patterns, for low prices, and it would have been fun to boost their sales a little that way. *chuckles* Alas, I'll just have to provide cheap free patterns myself, if I choose to do this.

I definitely want to. Extra cash, plus spreading the joy of knitting, equals happy me!


Blogger Cathy said...

You get 90% of the fees?? That's awesome!! I hope that can work out for you. Micheal's is a cool store, people will catch on soon enough.

10:25 AM  

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