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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Problems come in all shapes and sizes.

I finished the last panel of The Unnamed last night, and started sewing the two of them together. After sewing up one side, however, I realised that there'd be a small problem.

If I sewed up the second side, thus creating the circular poncho, the hole in the middle would be too small to fit anything but a child's head through. And since I didn't knit this for a child . . .

Ugh. Damn the pattern for basing its directions and numbers on bust size rather than head size. I don't know what they were thinking, really, but in my crazy old world, it's better to have a poncho that you can actually put on but that may not cover all of your front, than a poncho that'll cover everything but has to hang around your forehead to do so.

So right now, it's only got one side sewn up. I'm thinking the best way to do this is to attach a button somewhere on a remaining side, one that'll fit through any of the holes made by the lace pattern, in order to get the damned thing to stay on the intended recipient. That way, it can be a little more adjustable, too.

The problem then will be finding buttons that are the right colour, size, and don't come in a huge bag of 300 other buttons that I'll never want or need.

However, this nixes the plan for Black Twin, since I'm not putting up with this again. I could, in theory, put more stitches in the cast-on, and do one or two less pattern repeats, since that would easily solve the problem, but I'm in no mood to experiment like that when these things are going to end up being Christmas gifts. Maybe for next year, when I have more time, and can go around and measure peoples' heads in advance, just to be on the safe side.

I'll just have to look around online and see if there's a decent poncho or stole or shawl pattern or something that I can do with the black Soft as Silk. Something that won't take forever. I'm sure finding something won't be that hard. Plenty of patterns in the Internet-sea.


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