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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sick, yet again.

Finally caught up on all the knitting blogs I haven't managed to read this week. It only took me what, an hour and a half? What else was I going to do with that time, after all?

The gym party's tonight, and wouldn't you know it, I'm feeling distinctly like I'm getting a cold. Ugh. Figures. I'm all stuffed up and sneezy, and I probably shouldn't go to a place where I'm going to infect a bunch of health-conscious people, but . . . Gym party! Free food! Reasonably attractive women dressed in togas! More chances to exercise, and bring Rachel along to boot!

I guess I'll just have to see how I'm feeling later this evening. I'm sure today will be spent with many a cup of tea, downing eccinacea pills in order to boost my health just a little bit. I can't afford to let this infection hit my lungs, though. Already asked my parents for enough medication money over this and previous months. (I already suspect that the antibiotics may not have killed off the previous infection completely, since I woke up twice last night to take my inhaler. Not good. Really not good.)

In knitting news, the baby blanket is coming along nicely. Not very big at present, but it's moving quickly enough that it shouldn't take me too long to finish. I hope. I mean, I do have from now until Christmas, but I don't want it to take that long! Maybe a few weeks of good solid knitting. Maybe. At most.

I need to get back to working on the bathroom shawl, too. I'm suspecting that I may need another skein of yarn for that one, though, which may impede my progress somewhat. (I say oh so casually, as if running out of yarn for a project only increases the chances of not being able to work on it.)

Right. Time to go make myself some tea, curl up with Buffy, and work some more on the blanket.

(On a more random note, has anyone else noticed that WhoLinksToMe's format has gone all funny and illegible over the past few days? It now shows none of the links, things overlaps each other, and the page has tons and tons of whitespace. Is it just my browser that's the problem [though I am using IE at the moment], or something more sinister?)


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