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Friday, November 18, 2005

So I've been thinking a lot about recycling yarn lately. You know, turning cheap thrift-store sweaters into moutains and mountains of yarn that can be made into something else. Fantastic way for me to get more yarn, since buying it otherwise gets expensive very quickly. I mean, I can pay $4 and get a wool sweater to unravel, or I can pay $20-30 to get enough wool to make a sweater, and then make other stuff out of it. I don't think there's any kind of math that will tell me that recycling the yarn is more expensive.

I know I already have identical two black ribbed sweaters that are just waiting to be taken apart.They're too small for me now, and so have been collecting dust. They'll yield a large amount of roughly sport-weight yarn, which is quite good, as far as I'm concerned. (Just think of all the socks I can make, eventually!)

And (since my mind seems to be money-driven of late), I can sell excess yarn on EBay. I mean, if I can get enough spare money to go out and buy a few sweaters from thrift stores, unravel them, and then find that no, I don't really want that yarn after all, there's no harm in making a little bit of profit back, is there? People do it all the time, after all.

So I was thinking of this last night, and lo and behold, a name pops into my noggin.


So now that the name is stuck in my head. A quick Google search reveals that it's not used by anyone yet. So I claims it, I does. Yar.

I want to go and start a-frogging now, but I've still got too much knitting to do before I can safely feel I have the time to take knitting apart. Once again, something to be done in the new year. (I'll have probably saved enough money to get some sweaters that aren't my black sweaters, either.)


Blogger RedThread said...

hehehe "reinyarnations":P we knitters do love our puns don't we ;)
Thanks for your comment over on my blog, link me and i'll do the same for you if you wish.
I did have the eternity symbol in mind when making the dragonscarf... whats the name of the snake eating his own tail?..*googles*... ah yes, Ouroboros. god i love the internet. I will be selling the pattern for the dragon on my site in a few weeks, if you're interested ;) keep blogging!

11:07 AM  

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