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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bargain yarn-hunting at its finest.

I went out today and got the very last of my Christmas and Yule shopping done. Not that there was much to pick up. Something to hold Dawn's "was-supposed-to-be-a-poncho-but-is-now-a-slightly-wonky-wrap" together, and a few blocks of Sculpey. And that was it.

So, in celebration of this, I decided to pick up some yarn for myself, too. Not at Michaels, though. No, I decided to get more bang for my buck, so to speak, and get a bit of practice in with my unravelling scheme. Er, my scheme to unravel stuff. Not my scheme that's coming apart. So since I was already in Value Village (which was where I got the pin to hold the 'wrap' together', I took a look at some of the sweaters there.

I walked away with an extra-large 100% wool cardigan, with good seams to cut, and lots of cabling and texture work, in a slightly off-white colour. I'm guessing the yarn's about worsted weight, and it's still in fantastic condition. This cost me $5.99, not including taxes. Yes, the entire thing cost me less than a single skein of wool yarn at Michaels.

You're not going to hear any complaints out of me, that's for damn sure!

Near the bus stop there's another second-hand clothing store, and since I had some change in my pocket from buying the cardigan, I decided I may as well take a look in there, too. I walked away from there with the softest thing I'd ever touched. It's a size small, but I wasn't about to pass it up. A woman's sweater (if you can call it that, 'cause I doubt it's ever seen sweat!) in black, dark turquoise, and a lighter turqoise, probably fingering weight yarn (possibly even lace weight), with the following blend:58% silk, 30% nylon, 10% angora, 2% lambswool.

What did this gorgeous thing cost me, all told? $3.19. Canadian money.

Yeah. There was no way I could have passed that up. I'd never touched angora before this, so far as I knew, and I just about died when I felt how soft it was!

I also noticed that as I was going through the racks and racks of sweaters, I was beginning to be able to tell by touch what was a natural fibre and what wasn't. This, I imagine, will be a big help later on, when I do more bargain yarn-hunting.

So for less than $10, I got myself an insane amount of yarn. This makes me pleased. Very pleased indeed.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I think I have some dishes to wash, or possibly some cookies to bake. I'm craving peanut butter cookies tonight, and far be it for me to deny my cravings. (I went to the gym today, so a little big of 'bad' food won't kill me. :p)


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