Knit by Night

Friday, December 09, 2005

By the pricking of my thumbs, something knitted this way comes.

I managed, thanks to some Christmas money from my grandmother, to pick up the yarn for Luke and Jenny's scarves. enny's is a lovely midnight blue bloucle yarn from Bernat, while Luke's is boucle yarn in earth tones, browns and greens, which Rachel says he'll probably like. I'm in the middle of knitting Jenny's right now. I figure that if I knit during my breaks and lunch at work, I can finish the scarves before Christmas, and still have plenty of time to work on the baby blanket while I'm at home. That way, everyone's happy.

And warm. Let's not forget warm.

I can't believe how close it is to Christmas. Today makes it even more obvious, since it started snowing earler. It's still snowing, and there's enough to put a nice white layer over everything. Traffic's a little wonky because of the slipperiness, but fortunately for me, I have nowhere to go tonight, so I need not worry about that.

Tonight, I expect, will be spent curled up in bed, knitting, possibly with a homemade version of a Christmas drink I tried today. It's essentially a mug of mint tea, just made with hot chocolate instead of water, so it's a nice chocolatey-mint drink. You could get the same effect, I suppose, by letting a candy cane melt in your hot chocolate. The candy cane would probably have a more festive feel to it, too, but meh, since I have no candy canes, a tea bag will have to suffice.


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