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Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Merry Messy Kweznuz to you all!

I am, at least, finished all my Christmas crafting. I finished the Falliage scarf a few hours ago, which turned out quite nicely. It's about as long as I am tall, and I still didn't use the entire ball of yarn. God only knows what I'll end up using the leftovers for, if anything.

The baby blanket is also finished. Not quite as big as I was hoping, but time constraints made me have to settle for what I could get. It's longer than my arm, though, and that's a plus. I finished it off with a k2tog bind-off, which looks really nice on it. I have to use that bind-off more often. Much less fiddly, and therefore quicker to accomplish, than the bind-off I normally use.

Now all that's left to do is wrap everything, and my Christmas work will be over. Then I can sit back, relax, and enjoy the reason of the day in happiness, awaiting tomorrow morning when I get to see the faces of those I've given presents to. That's the best part about this time of year. For me, anyway. Giving presents. It doesn't matter to me if people give me anything. I enjoy giving them things, and watching them enjoy what I gave. Especially if it's something I've made by myself, as most of the gifts are this year.

Best of the season to the lot of you, and I hope your holidays are as wonderful as mine! (Even though my religious holiday has come and gone this year, it sure doesn't stop me from celebrating with everyone else! *grins*)


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Happy Holidays to you too!

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