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Monday, December 26, 2005

Post-Christmas huzzah!

Christmas went well. Very well, in fact. I won't bore the world with a list of the gifts I was given (suffice to say the that most kick-ass ones were a gorgeous geisha figure, and a 30GB iPod), but I will bore the world with talk of how my gifts were received.

The two scarves I knit for Luke and Jen went over really well. They showed up for Christmas dinner wearing them, which is always a good sign. Their son Jander apparently loved his snake scarf, and Jen complimented the basketweave pattern on Sean's baby blanket. Dawn seemed to like her wrap, too, which made me quite happy. Rather than give socks to Robert (since I didn't have any made), I gave him a box of chocolates and a book, Life in a Medieval Village, which he seemed excited about. Rachel got various little things stuffed in her Christmas stocking, and The Illustrated Guide to Forensics, which he promptly spazzed over and started hugging. I can only assume she likes it. :p

I'm experiencing a sense of loss now, though. I have no projects to work on. Sure, I can knit on blanket squares until my hair turns blue, but that gets awfully boring after a while. Blankets squares are my "I have nothing else better to do and I don't feel like making my brain work" knitting projects. Garter stitch squares can only keep me amused for so long. So I really have nothing else to do.

I have no dpns, so I can't start a pair of socks. No circulars, either, so I can't start anything really cool and big. I don't have any more of the yarn that I was using to make the bathroom shawl. I'm tired of knitting really long strips that eventually wrap around people's necks to help keep them warm.

I suppose I could start on the ever-popular Branching Out scarf. It may be a scarf, but at least it's a fun lace pattern, and I have the perfect green cotton yarn for it. I do need more practice with lace patterns. I find them relatively easy, but practice never hurt anyone, right?

I'm still trying to decide what to turn that deliciously soft yarn from Tsaiko into. Two balls of each colour, three colours. I did want to make some wrist-warmers, but in retrospect, they keep the phone area of the call centre warmer than I like it, even in winter, so there's no much need for that, really. There goes that project idea.

I'm sure I'll find something. But if anyone wants to recommend any really fun patterns I can do with no dpns or circulars, and limited amounts of various yarns, I'm all ears! :)


Blogger Cathy said...

Sounds like you had a nice holiday! Hmm.. I'll ponder a project for you. Right now I'm still sort of sleeping. :D

9:52 AM  

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