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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Quick post before work.

I now have a potential new project. One of my coworker has made a request for a toaster cozy. Damned if I know why he'd need to keep a toaster warm, but heck, if he pays for the yarn, then I'll knit it for him.

I got a sweater donation from another coworker, too. One sweater that's 50% lambswool 50% acrylic, one that's 100% cotton (gorgeous purple colour!), and a third that feels like cotton but has no tag, so I can't be sure. They all are double-knit weight yarn, and are in pretty good condition. I can certainly salvage those!

There are also a few old shirts and whatnot in the donation, which I can turn into various other crafts. Huzzah!

I want to unravel one of the sweaters here tonight, to keep myself busy. (We're not allowed to browse the Internet, even between calls.) However, I have no scissors, and the thought of taking out seams with nothing but a couple of thumbtacks is something I'm not quite sure I'm up to.


Blogger Cathy said...

Sweater donations, sweet. Hmm.. toaster cozy. Sounds like it would be easy enough. There might be a pattern out there somewhere.

9:16 AM  

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