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Monday, January 09, 2006

Circulars = booo~!

Okay, now maybe I just happened to get a really crappy pair of circulars (or is it just one circular?), but the damn thing sucks! The needles are beautifully metal, which is nice, and the join seems good, but the damn part that makes it circular is bound and frigging determined to not straighten out. As a result, I have to fight against it when I'm knitting. Which means it traps yarn around itself when it tries to coil back into its original packaged shape. Which means I got incredibly frustrated with it last night, threw it down, and stomped back upstairs to get my other needles, on which plain old boring blanklet squares were still being knit.

If there's anything that calms me down, it's knitting rows 20 stitches long, or just plain old garter stitch. It's mind-numbing and soothing. Like Novocaine. Works wonders when I'm pissy, because I know that I'll never be too inept to just make simple knit sticthes over and over again.

Now I have to decide if I want to try and straighten out the circulars somehow (god only knows how, really), keep wrestling them into submission and thus getting nowhere on my Snow Queen shawl but yet producing pile after pile of blanket squares, or return them and try to find a better brand.

Option 3 is seeming pretty good right about now.


Blogger Y. said...

hey, now, just hang on. you can fix this: expose to hot water, pretty hot, but not so hot you melt anything, until the cord is really flexy, THEN remove & hold in gracefully curved shape, (or however you would like it to be while you are K-ing along) -- can also hang on a doorknob -- while they COOL into the new shape. same principle as hot ironing hair. or, if you are afraid of sharks, position them around or over a lampshade in a curve that you like. leave them there with the bulb on for a long time & they will relax, taking care that the position is not one that would scorch the cord, depending on the configuration of your chosen lamp. that's it! (: do not, however, go to MY blog, because, where you have WINTER posted on yours, you will find that i ABHOR this cold, & i would never be caught dead knitting anything named SNOW anything, nor have i posted to my blog since i am hibernating....

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