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Friday, January 27, 2006

*eyes bug out of head*

Saint John. Is getting. A proper yarn store.

A small store, really, tucked away in City Market, but a real, honest-to-goodness yarn shop, setting up in this dingy little city. They'll be setting up a knitting cafe, too, which I plan to coordinate my work shifts around. They specialize in natural fibres, and had tons of things I'd only previously heard about, but never seen. Debbie Bliss knitting books. kits for thrummed mittens and socks. Mango Moon recycled sari silk. 100% cashmere yarn. Hand-dyed roving to spin (oh, if only I knew how!).

The woman who runs the place also says they sometimes have qiviut. We joked about how you could send kids to college on the money it'd take to make a qiviut sweater.

After walking away from that place (empty-handed, I may add, because due to unforeseen circumstances, I'm in a bigger money-predicament than ever), I felt as though spring had come early. Here was a place where I can go with my knitting to talk about knitting to other knitters. People who also had a weakness for things that weren't neccesarily acrylic or novelty in nature. (Not that there's anything specifically wrong with those things. I'd just like to branch out a little from Bernat and Patons, that's all.)

I think I'm going to like that store. The woman said the rent there is expensive, but heck, those yarns were expensive! If they start selling, they ought to cover the rent on a tiny corner of the Market.

I hope. Finally, this city is getting some cool things. First the tea shop. Then the Japanese restaurant. Then the little place out at the mall that sells Oriental toys and novelty stuff. Now this. It's like the city I've lived in for so many years is finally making a step towards being called home.


Anonymous Cheryl said...

A yarn Store in Saint John! I pass through there a few times a year on my way to PEI to visit my grandmother (I live in New Hampshire) and I'll be sure to stop in and give them my business!

10:01 AM  

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