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Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'm scary when I have money.

I decided to go out today and pick up a pair of circular needles. My first circulars. *smiffle* Now I can start my Snow Queen shawl. Which isn't going to be very elaborate, really. No real pretty lacey pattern or anything. Just a simple practice shawl made from something that looks pretty and feels soft. What better to practice with?

While I was in my local bookstore, planning to pick up a copy of KnitLit (which I've been eying for weeks now), I happened to see Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter, by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. How could I resist picking this up?

Well, the answer is that I couldn't. I walked out of that store $20 poorer, but much happier, since I love her writing style, and read her blog as frequently as she writes in it.

Walked through the mall towards the busstop, I had to restrain myself (almost painfully, I might add) from walking into Zellers and buying more yarn. "I have enough yarn," I told myself.

"There's no such thing," I answered back.

And I must admit, I find myself right. The problem is that, in the limited space of the bedroom I share with Rachel, I'm running out of places to store my yarn. And, I thought silently, I still do have a couple of sweaters to unravel, which will increase my stash by a good amount. I don't need to go and spend more money on yarn.

"But oh," I countered as I found myself standing in the yarn section anway, against my better judgement, "this yarn will make a great scarf for Rachel! Look at those beautiful greens. She'll love it!"

. . . I think I only wrestled myself away from the store by promising to ask Rachel if she'd like a new scarf before just arbitrarily knitting her something she may never wear.

Damn the siren call of yarn! *shakes a fist*


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