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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wool Fondlers?

Wool Fondlers! O_O

Damn shame that the days it takes place are all the days I'm working. Of course, I do get paid tomorrow, and I am going uptown early, so I might be able to grab something nice, if there's any happy fibre left for poor old me. (Doubtful that I can aford it, though, since I only get paid $600 tomorrow, and at least $550 of that needs to go to people to pay of various debts.)

This had better start being a monthly occurance, lemme tell ya! Saint John needs a bigger knitting community. It seems quite a few people do it here at work, but they seem to get a little shy and embarassed when people call attention to it. Shyness should not be a part of the knitting world, I tells ya! I knit in public and I'm proud of it!

Maybe this'll start a wooly revolution. I can but hope.


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