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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Work post!

I feel like I've been neglecting this blog lately. I don't post in it as much as I used to. I'm a bad bad blogger.


Anyhoo, I've been making tiny bits of progress of my woolen shawl. Not the Snow Queen shawl, because I realised that I bought the wrong sized needles for it. Boo. So I've just been knitting row after row of scratchy cheap worsted weight wool instead. On my crappy curly circulars (which someone gave me some advice on how to straighten a bit!). This thing's for warmth rather than show, and will help a lot on cold nights.

Of course, by the time I get it done, it'll probably be after the cold nights have gone away, and I'll just have to put it aside for next winter. But at least I'll be prepared.

I'm thinking of felting it, too. I've never felted anything before (though I do know how to do it), and I figure my first try may as well be on something that's not too special to me. And since things shrink a fair bit during felting, I'm going to have to knit it bigger than I want. Not that I'm worried about the yarn running out. I have hundreds and hundreds of yards of that wool, sitting in a plastic bag at home. Once the shawl is done, I'll still have a load of it left over for dying experiments.

I'm bringing more of my yarn to work now, too. I've been knitting bits of the Branching Out scarf sometimes. Today, however, I brought that nice silk/angora sweater to unravel. Pulling out a sweater and wrapping the yarn around my knitting needles to hold it in a cocoon-shaped 'ball' until I can get it home and make it into a skein.

It's nice yarn, too. Two strands held together, one thin and smooth, and the other one a teensy bit thicker and kinda lumpy. Lace weight, by the looks of it, and I'm having absolutely no trouble unravelling it. It hasn't split yet. Huzzah!

Well, back to work!


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