Knit by Night

Thursday, February 23, 2006

EBay rocks my world!

Well, I no longer worry about having to pay a lot for roving to practice spinning with. Turns out I can get loads of it for low prices on eBay. Works for me!

Theoretically, I could always use the yarn I'm getting from my sweaters and take it all apart until I get a large fluffy mass, and the turn it all into yarn again, but I don't quite think I have the patience to work backwards just so that I can practice moving forwards again. Seems a bit counter-productive.

Now that I know I can . . .

Great. I get the feeling that I'll be spending my night at work browsing eBay, looking at all the handspun yarns that I want and can't afford. I sure know how to torture myself!

Spinning is something I've wanted to learn how to do for a while, but haven't had the materials to learn with. Sure, I do have a bunch of dog hair saved up for when I learn, but that stuff's so special that I don't want to use it to learn with. I'd rather save that for when I know that I know what I'm doing. And otherwise, I have no access to roving.

At least, nothing that's in my price range. I can get a tiny amount of roving from Cricket Cove for about $20 or so, which, while it's nicely dyed, I don't want to spend a ton of money on when I know it's something I'll be messing up on a lot.

I think I just need to go to a farm and steal a sheep. That might be the cheapest way to do all this.

I know that with my recycled sweaters scheme, I'll get lots of practice plying yarns, since a lot of them are so thin that they need to be combined with something else. At least that'll be something.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Not-so-common yarn!

I went shopping at Value Village today and managed to find something incredible. Well, I go there to buy sweaters, you see, to unravel for the yarn, since I'm a cheap/poor little bugger, and can't get my hands on many natural fibres.

Anyway, what did I see poking out from a rack of men's sweaters but something soft and tan. I checked the label, of course, and to my pleasant surprise, it was 100% camel.

I have camel hair sitting in my room! A whole sweater's worth of lace-weight camel yarn, and I suspect it's undyed, too. Ooh, I can't wait to unravel it and knit it up into something good!

I also found a gorgeous angora/lambswool sweater with the biggest halo I'd ever seen! I swear, I could comb that thing and get enough rabbit fur to make a matching scarf! I have no idea how that's going to come apart, given the hugeness of the fluffy halo, but it's worth a shot. If it doesn't work out, I'm only out $8, after all.

I also found a bag of yarn for $2 . . . Rich colours, mostly blue and black, and I'm pretty sure it was wool, but there was no tag, and I couldn't tell. And then there were the three cones of something called jute, which I had to go and look up just exactly what it was. I somehow doubt it'd be very good for knitting. I'm glad I passed it over.

I haven't been doing much knitting lately, alas. My mind just hasn't been on it, and I'm finding my time taken up by too many other things. The most I've been knitting are those never-ending blanket squares. I'd be knitting my mother's present, but I somehow managed to lose one of the needles. Grrr. I think I know where it might be, but so far, searching for it has yielded nothing. I'd better find it soon, or else I might not be able to get her gift finished on time.

Oh, and then there's Shelley's baby, who's due in May. I promised to make a blanket for him to be wrapped in . . . Jeepers, I'd better get back in the knitting groove soon, or else!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Since I recently went out and got another sweater to unravel for yarn, I've been thinking of all kinds of fun things to do with it. I've finally settled on making plushies. The yarn's perfect for it. It's a thick soft forest green chenille that's in good condition, about worsted weight. Maybe a teensy bit thicker, but not by much. Either way, I was thinking of making some plushies out of it, since I also have a crapload of stuffing that I'm probably not going to use elsewhere.

Of course, I probably won't keep all these plushies for myself. I just want to make them. Making them is the fun part. (As soon as I find that damned horse pattern, I'll get right to work, too!) But what can I do with all the rest? I'll only want to keep one, really.

I was thinking of maybe donating them. Going up to the hospital and handing a bunch of them over to the children's ward and saying, "Here. Give a sick kid a plushie. It's 100% acrylic, so it won't mess up any allergies. It's safe and easy to wash, just to be on the safe side. Give a frightened kid something to love and hug, will ya?"

Of course, this simple plan makes me want to just go and buy a whole load of sweaters like that, and make entire garbage bags full of them to give out.

So, what's stopping me?

Absolutely nothing. *goes to find a pattern*