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Friday, March 10, 2006

The past week or so has been tough.

I haven't posted here in quite a while, mostly because I've been rushed off my feet and stressed to the nines, to warp a phrase. We've found an apartment, and are moving in on the 15th, provided my parents can get back into town in order to drive the moving van. This is a good thing.

The bad thing, though, is that the dog was put down on Wednesday. He bit someone, and Rachel's parents decided that to be safe, since there are small children that come over sometimes, they just couldn't take any risks, and had to have him put down. He wasn't rabid, or sick, or anything like that. Just old, and a little on the grumpy side, and a stranger tried to pet him at the wrong moment.

It's strange to not have Max in the house. I keep looking at the things of his that are still there and wishing he was there too, but worse is when I see an empty spot where something of his used to be, but isn't anymore, it it feels like the wound in my heart just tears open again.

I'm going to write something about all this on my personal journal at some point, so if anyone's interested . . .

On a milder note, I'm knitting again. Not much, really. Branching Out is halfway done, and I need to get my butt in gear, since my mother's birthday is soon. Lewiscraft is having a Store Closing sale, too (70% off everything!) so I'm going to go in there and take advantage of some cheap yarn, so I can keep working on my blanket squares.

In non-knitting crafts, I'm working on turning a stained glass pattern into a piece of needlework. Satin stitch in cotton embroidery floss, and some random piece of scrap fabric I picked up from the odd-lots bin at Fabricville a while back. I'm doing this project at work, for a geisha swap on Craftster, and it's making the shifts fly right by. Keeps me busy in between calls.

I need to do more craft swaps with people. It's always fun to get mail, and to show other people stuff that I've done. ^_^ I may start that whole crazy Random Act of Kindness thing I see so many people getting in on. If I hang on to this job, I'll certainly have the money for postage and shipping and whatnot. Yeah. I think I will do that!


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