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Monday, March 27, 2006

Simple work knitting

One of the balls of yarn that I bought in a grab bag at Value Village the other day was an almost complete ball of what looks to be Bernat boucle yarn. The same kind that I used to make Luke and Jenny their Christmas scarves. What better to make of it, I asked, than a scarf like that for myself. After all, knit on size 10 1/2 needles, the scarf ends up nicely thick and long, and doing garter stitch at work is far from taxing. Keeps my hands busy in between calls, at least.

Now yes, I know that the weather's too warm now to be making scarves. But meh, what else can I make at work with limited amounts of yarn when I get about 30 seconds to a minute in between my calls. (Besides socks. But for that, I'd needs dpns and some sock yarn. :p)

The scarf keeps reminding me of two different things. Sometimes, the colour and texture reminds me of an oatcake, and sometimes it reminds me of a dirty sheep. I think, with that in mind, that I'll call this scarf "Sheepcake."


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