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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Stash enhancement!

Since Lewiscraft is going out of business and never will see the light of day again, I decided to be a bit more lenient on my vows to never give them any of my money. I went and took advantage of their Store Closing sale. I bought 5 more balls of Berella, which I hope will give me enough yarn to finish off the blanket I'm slowly knitting. I also picked up two balls of black Gemini yarn. It's a shame I won't be able to get any more of that yarn ever again, since it was a Lewiscraft brand of yarn. Sure, there'll be other yarns like it, but it won't be that yarn.

At least I have two balls for the road. And at 30% off, too, so it made it a little easier to stomach the price. The Gemini's usually rather expensive.

I was tempted to pick up some mohair, too, since it was all on at 30% off, but then I remembered that Cricket Cove has much better mohair. More expensive, I'll bet, but a better blend. Besides, I'm not that fond of mohair to start with. It's soft, but I can't imagine ever really wearing it against my skin. I think it's drive me nuts!

I need to hurry up and get packing. Moving day is on Wednesday, and we don't have nearly as many boxes as we need. Still, I can throw a lot of things into garbage bags in the meantime.


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