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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


My yarn roughly fits inside two garbage bags. Now, call me crazy, but I don't consider that to be much yarn. Some people, however . . . Regardless, my storage space is limited, so I need to start using up some of that yarn.

I have ideas, thankfully. For starters, the laceweight cotton in variegated blues is going to be made into a shawl, just as soon as I find a pattern that I like.

The remaining balls of light green cotton are probably going to make Rachel a DNA scarf.

I have no idea yet what to do with the balls of Peruvian wool that Agnes sent me. Possibly do as she suggested, and make a vest, though I want to lose weight first. No sense in knitting to my current dimensions when they'll change once the pounds start being shed.

The ball of thick grey chenille will probably become a simple scarf.

I want to turn the fuschiaroon (they call it huckleberry. I like fuschiaroon better :p) yarn into hats, just as soon as I, uh, learn to knit hats. (Okay, yeah, so there are a lot of very simple things that I just don't know how to do yet!)

The unravelled crappy wool will go to dyeing experiments, and probably be knit into long strips to replace cotton batting inside the quilts I plan to make. (No better use for cheap scratchy wool, I figure. Wool's good for warmth, and knitting it into strips will keep me busy for hours!)

I need to find a better pattern and better needles to turn the shimmery white yarn into a snow queen shawl.

There. That takes care of about half my stash. Of course, that's not really taking into account the sweaters that I bought to unravel for more yarn. Give me time, and soon I'll be wondering what to do with the laceweight camel yarn, or the miles upon miles of insane-halo white angora. Or the spring-green cashmere (which is probably actually going to be plied with something else and then knit into the softest scarf imaginable).

And, of course, I still do have my crappy acrylic that I'm knitting into small squares during my spare moments at work (except for today, because I was dumb and forgot my knitting at home) that will eventually be pieced into a blanket.

I do need some specific yarn for two projects I have in mind, though. I have two sweaters that I plan to make for Christmas gifts, and I need to do some hunting around for the perfect yarn for them. I need white, pale blue, and green. In large amounts. Ah well. I'm sure I'll come across the right colours eventually. (Let's just hope it's within enough time to actually knit the dang things!)


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