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Friday, March 24, 2006

Value Village is my god!

Payday today! Of course, this meant I had to go out and treat myself, which meant a trip to Value Village to get some 'new' sweaters to unravel for extra yarn. Found a nice acrylic/alpaca sweater, in what looks like chunky yarn.

I also decided to browse the grab bags of yarn at the back of the store, the odd balls that people bring in that get thrown into bags to be sold at low low prices. I got three bags. Most of acrylic stuff, but in some nice colours, at least. However, I did manage to score some wool blend dk weight yarn, a very big skein of Alafoss Lopi Icelandic Fleece (in a colourway that seems to be nonexistant, but hey, who am I to complain?) and some violent pink mohair. Probably a blend, but hey, when I only paid $3 for the bag that the mohair was in, I'm certainly not going to raise much of a fuss about it!

Most of the yarn is unlabelled, but hey, I can also use bits and pieces to make an odd-lots scarf or shawl or something. No sense in things going to waste, right?

My only regret is that I don't have any knitting needles with me. I have to go through the entire night at work with a huge bag of yarn beside me, and I won't be able to do a thing with it! It's torturous, I tell you!

On a different note, I have a plan for this year, where knitting is concerned. I'll start to buy a few more acrylic and chenille sweaters from Value Village, and once they've been ripped apart and turned back into yarn, I'll knit them up again into scarves. Come November, I'll sell the scarves at the local flea market, with half the proceeds going to the Empty Stocking Fund. What doesn't sell will also be given to the ESF.

What is the Empty Stocking Fund? I'm sure you've all got something like that in your area, even if it doesn't go by the same name. It's a charity set up at Christmas for unprivileged families, the ones that may not be able to afford presents or a good turkey dinner they way a lot of us are used to. There was a time when my family had to use that program to augment what little we had, and I remember getting in that package a pair of mittens, and a knitted toy. And while I've donated money to the program in the past, it was only $20 or so. This year, I'll donate money and items. Keep some kids warm in the bitter coastal winter weather with my scarves, as well as sending money so that they can eat well on Christmas day.

I'm not a Christian myself, and thus don't celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday (it's a family/friends/commercial holiday to me, really), but that doesn't mean I have an excuse to not be charitable during the season. After all Yule falls during that time!


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