Knit by Night

Friday, April 07, 2006

My first sheep!

Well, not a full-sized sheep. Not even a baby sheep. Not even in the shape of a sheep, really. But it comes from a sheep, and has yet to be spun into yarn, so by damn, I'm calling it a sheep! It's the closest thing to a real life sheep that I've ever really touched! (Unless you count an escaped goat that I once helped wrestle back into its pen.)

Yes, I was bad and blew some of my hard-eanred paycheque at Cricket Cove, and couldn't resist buying some fleece to (eventually) spin. See, I don't know how to spin yet. I don't have the materials to learn how to spin, either. But this stuff was so delightfully soft that I couldn't resist spending $6 on a length of creamy-white blue face leicester. I'll put it aside and make it into something very nice once I actually learn how to spin.

I did, however, have to restrain myself from getting a set of ebony dpns, and some chunky baby alpaca in a gorgeous red! I probably could have afforded it, but I'd have been living tight for the next few weeks in order to do so. I don't light having to tighten my belt that much. As much as I can be thrifty when it comes to some household expenses, reusing what I can and trying to spend as little money as I can get away with, I do enjoy my luxuries. I mean, if I can save some money by growing herbs instead of buying them, then I can use that money to go to the movies.

Or, as the seductive fleece next to me is saying, I can buy a good drop spindle. And more fleece.

My sweater-unravelling is going nicely, too. I almost have all of the 'clover' yarn unravelled, and I started on a salmon-pink cashmere last night. The yarn is barely plied, but this only means that it's easier for me to take the plies apart and have a load of lace-weight cashmere instead of dk or worsted.

God only knows what I'm going to knit out of it. Maybe I'll combine it with the spring-green cashmere and make something that's an affront to the eyes, just because. Hell, when I only have to pay a couple of bucks for a sweater's worth of cashmere, I'm not going to complain too loudly. It may be second hand, but it's still soft as anything, and that's what really matters, right?

Alas, my knitting is going to be on hold for the next few days, while I finish up my geisha embroidery project. I've put it off for too long, and now it's due to be sent out early next week. Oh well. I'm mostly done it. Just a few more patches to embroider, then some food colouring in various places, a backing of the same kind of material I'm sewing on, and a nice border in some other material from my scrap bag. If I work on it between calls at work, and a little at home, I should have it done to be sent out by Tuesday.

And then I can get back to knitting more often. There are often times I find my hands itching for the movement of needles and yarn.